Thursday, 4 June 2015

1560 February 3, [1938]. Today after Holy Communion, Jesus again gave me a few directives: First, do not fight against a temptation by yourself, but disclose it to the confessor at once,

and then the temptation will lose all its force. Second, during these ordeals do not lose your peace; live in My presence; ask My Mother and the Saints for help. Third, have the certitude that I am looking at you and supporting you. Fourth, do not fear either struggles of the soul or any temptations, because I am supporting you; if only you are willing to fight, know that the victory is always on your side. Fifth, know that by fighting bravely you give Me great glory and amass merits for yourself. Temptation gives you a chance to show Me your fidelity.

1561 And now I am going to tell you something that is most important for you:
Boundless sincerity with your spiritual director. If you do not take advantage of
this great grace according to (138) My instructions, I will take him away from you,
and then you will be left to yourself; and all the torments, which you know very
well, will return to you. It displeases Me that you do not take advantage of the
opportunity when you are able to see him and talk with him. Know that it is a
great grace on My part when I give a spiritual director to a soul. Many souls ask
Me for this, but it is not to all that I grant this grace. From the moment when I 344
gave you this priest as spiritual director, I endowed him with new light so that he
might easily know and understand your soul…..