Thursday, 2 July 2015

1293 It so happened that I fell again into a certain error,

in spite of a sincere resolution not to do so – even though the lapse was a minor imperfection and rather involuntary – and at this I felt such acute pain in my soul that I interrupted my work and went (42) to the chapel for a while. Falling at the feet of Jesus, with love and a great deal of pain, I apologized to the Lord, all the more ashamed because of the fact that in my conversation with Him after Holy Communion this very morning I had promised to be faithful to Him. Then I heard these words: If it hadn't been for this small imperfection, you wouldn't have come to Me. Know that as often as you come to Me, humbling yourself and asking My forgiveness, I pour out a superabundance of graces on your soul, and your imperfection vanishes before My eyes, and I see only your love and your humility. You lose nothing but gain much….