Saturday, 8 April 2017

643 Then he said, “If the Lord Jesus tells you something again, please let me know, but you must take no action.”

 I answered, “Very well; I will try to be obedient.” I do not know why Father was being so severe. 644 When I left the confessional, a multitude of thoughts oppressed my soul. Why be sincere? What I have told is no sin, so I have no duty to tell it to the confessor.And again, what a relief that I do not have to heed my interior any more as long as things are all right on the outside. I do not have to pay attention to anything or to follow the inner voices that have often cost me so much humiliation. From now on, I will be free. And again, a strange pain seized my soul: can I not, then, commune with the One whom I desire so greatly? The One who is the whole strength of my soul? I began to cry out, “To whom shall I go, O Jesus?” But from 177 the moment of the confessor‟s prohibition, great darkness fell upon my soul.