Wednesday, 29 March 2017

1024 + I would not know how to live without the Lord. Jesus often visits me in this seclusion, teaches me, reassures me, rebukes me, and admonished me.

He Himself forms my heart according to His divine wishes and likings, but always with much goodness and mercy. Our hearts are fused as one. 1025 March 19, 1937. Today, I united myself in spirit with the Adoration that is taking place in our house [40-hour Adoration in Cracow], but my soul was full of torments, and some strange kind of apprehension was piercing my heart. Because of this, I redoubled my prayers. Suddenly I saw the gaze of god reaching into the depths of my heart. 1026 As I sat down to a very tasty breakfast, I said to the Lord, “Thank you for these gifts, but my heart is dying of longing for You, and nothing earthly is tasty to me. I desire the food on Your love.”