Tuesday, 7 February 2017

1672 April 19, [1938]. During recreation, one of the sisters [Sister Cajetan] said, “Sister Faustina is doing so poorly that she can hardly walk, but may she die soon because she is going to be a saint.”

Then one of the sister directresses [Sister Casimir ] said, “That she is going to die, we know; but whether she is going to be a saint, that is another question.” There then began some malicious remarks on this subject. I kept silent‟; then I put in a word, but I saw that the conversation was getting worse, so again I fell silent. 1673 At present, I am getting letters from sisters who are in other houses and who made their novitiate with me. They often amuse me and make me laugh, as they usually go something like this: “Dear Sister Faustina, we are very sorry that you are so gravely ill; but we are very happy that, when the Lord Jesus takes you away, you will pray for us, for you have a lot of influence with the Lord.” One of the sisters put it this way: “When you die, Sister, please take me under your special care, for certainly you can do that for me” Another sister wrote as follows: “How I am waiting for the time when the Lord Jesus will take you, because I know what will happen then; and I greatly desire death for you.” I did want to ask her what she was thinking of, concerning my death,  but I mortified myself and answered, “The same thing will happen to me, a sinner, as happens to all sinners, if God‟s mercy does not shield me.”