Monday, 16 January 2017

918 February 5, 1937. My Jesus, in spite of everything, I desire very much to unite myself to You.

Jesus, if this be possible, takes me to Yourself, for it seems to me that my heart will burst of longing for You! Oh, how very much I feel that I am in exile! When will I find myself in the house of our Father, delighting in the happiness that streams from the Most Holy Trinity? But, if it is Your will that I still go on living and suffering, then I desire what You have destined for me. Keep me here on earth for as long as You wish, even though this be until the end of the world. O will of my Lord, be my delight and the rapture of my soul. Although the earth is so filled with people, I feel all alone, and the earth is a terrible desert to me. O Jesus, Jesus, You know and understand the fervors of my heart; You, O Lord, alone can fill me.