Friday, 13 January 2017

1270 I learned in the course of meditation that the purer the soul, the greater her communion with God on the spiritual level.

She pays little heed to the senses and their protests. God is a Spirit, and so I love Him in spirit and in truth. 1271 When I heard how dangerous it was to be at the gate these days because of revolutionary disturbances and how many evil people have a hatred for convents, I went in and had a talk with the Lord and asked Him to so arrange it that no evil person would dare come to the gate. Then I heard these words: My daughter, the moment you went to the gate I set a Cherub over it to guard it. Be at peace. After returning from my conversation with the Lord, I saw a little white cloud and, in it, a Cherub with his hands joined. His gaze was like lightning, and I understood how the fire of God‟s love burns in that look….