Friday, 9 December 2016

1060 When Jesus had given up His last breath,

my soul dissolved from the pain, and for a long time I could not come to myself. I found some relief in tears. The One whom my heart had come to love has died. Will anyone understand my grief? 1061 In the evening, over the radio, I heard hymns; that is, psalms, sung by priests. 185 I burst into tears, and all of the pain was renewed in my soul, and I wept sorrowfully, unable to find appeasement in this pain. Then I heard a voice in my soul: Do not cry; I am not suffering any more. And for the faithfulness with which you accompanied Me in My sufferings and death, your own death will be a solemn one, and I will accompany you in that last hour. Beloved pearl of My Heart, I see your love so pure, purer than that of the angels, and all the more so because you keep fighting. For your sake I bless the world. I see your efforts to please Me, and they delight My Heart. After these words, I wept no more, but thanked the heavenly Father for having sent us His Son and for the work of the Redemption of mankind.