Saturday, 8 October 2016

1231 Today Jesus came to live in my heart, He descended from His throne on high,

The great Lord, the Creator of all things; And He came to me in the form of bread. O Eternal God, in my bosom enclosed, Possessing You, I possess all Heaven, And with the Angels I sing to You: Holy, I live for Your glory alone. Not with a Seraph, do You unite Yourself, O god, But with a wretched man Who can do nothing without You; But to him You are ever merciful. My heart is Your abode, O King of Eternal Glory; Rule in my heart and be Lord, As in a palace of splendor untold. O great, incomprehensible God, Who had deigned to abase Yourself so, Humbly I adore you And beg You in Your goodness to save me.