Tuesday, 19 July 2016

259 Today, I am leaving for Vilnius. When I came out of the house,

I looked at the garden and the house, and when I cast a glance at the novitiate, tears suddenly ran down my cheeks. I remembered all the blessings and graces bestowed on me by the Lord. Then, suddenly and unexpectedly, I saw the Lord by the flower bed and He said to me, Do not weep; I am with you always.God's presence, which enveloped me as Jesus was speaking, accompanied me throughout the journey. 260 I had permission to visit Czestochowa while on my journey. I saw the Mother of God [image] for the first time, when I went to attend the unveiling of the image at five in the morning,. I prayed without interruption until eleven, and it seemed to me that I had just come. The Superior of the house there [Mother Serafin 75] sent a sister for me, to tell me to come to breakfast and said she was worried (118) that I would miss my train. The Mother of God told me many things. I entrusted my perpetual vows to Her, I felt that I was her child and that She was my Mother. She did not refuse any of my requests.