Monday, 20 June 2016

1069 (19) March 29, 1937. During meditation today, I saw the Lord in great beauty,

and He said to me, Peace be to you, My daughter. My whole soul trembled with love for Him and I said, “O Lord, although I love You with all my heart, please do not appear to me, because my spiritual director has told me that these sudden appearances of yours arouse the suspicion that You could be an illusion. And although I love You more than my own life, and I know that You are my Lord and God, who are communing with me, I must above all be obedient to my confessor.” Jesus listened to my words with gravity and kindness and spoke these words to me: Tell your confessor that I commune with your soul in such an intimate manner because you do not steal My gifts, and this is why I pour all these graces upon your soul, because I know that you will not hoard them for yourself. But as a sign that his prudence is agreeable to Me, you shall not see Me, and I will not appear to you in this way until you have given him an account of what I have just said.