Friday, 1 April 2016

1713 There are times when the Lord Jesus fulfills my smallest wishes.

Today I remarked that I would like to see some ears of grain, but that they cannot be seen from our sanatorium.However, one of the patients heard this remark and, on the following day, he went out into the field and brought me several beautiful (82) ears of grain. My room is always adorned with fresh flowers, but my spirit finds satisfaction in nothing. More and more, I year for God. 1714 Today I interceded earnestly with the Lord Jesus for our house, that He might deign to take away the cross which has touched our convent. 252 The Lord answered me, Your prayers are accepted for other intentions. I cannot take away this cross until they recognize its meaning. Nevertheless, I did not stop praying. 1715 A strong temptation. The Lord gave me to know how pleasing a pure heart is to Him, and thereby I was given a deeper knowledge of my own misery. When I began to prepare for confession, strong temptations against confessors assaulted me. I did not see Satan, but I could sense him, his terrible anger. – “Yes, he‟s an ordinary man.” – “Not ordinary, because he has the power of God.” – Yes, (83) it is not difficult for me to accuse myself of my sins. But to uncover the most secret depths of my heart, to give an account of the action of God‟s grace, to speak about God‟s every demand, about all that goes on between God and myself…. To tell that to a man is beyond my strength. I felt I was fighting against the powers and I cried out: “O Christ, You and the priest are one; I will approach confession as if I were approaching, not a man, but You.” When I entered the confessional, I began by disclosing my difficulties. The priest replied that the best thing I could have done was to disclose these temptations from the outset. However, after the confession, they took flight, and my soul is enjoying peace.