Saturday, 6 February 2016

614 On the last two days before Lent we had an hour of propitiatory adoration with the girls.130

During both hours I saw the Lord Jesus as he was after the scourging. My soul felt such great pain that it seemed to me that I was experiencing all those torments in my own body and in my own soul. 615 March 1, 1936. Today during Holy Mass I experienced a strange force and urge to start realizing God‟s wishes. I had such a clear understanding of the things the Lord was asking of me that truly if I were to say (75) that I do not understand what God is demanding from me, I would be lying, because the Lord is making His will known to me so clearly and distinctly that I do not have the least shadow of a doubt about them. I realized that it would be the greatest ingratitude to delay any longer this undertaking which the Lord wishes to bring to fulfilment for His glory and the benefit of a great number of souls. And he is using me as a miserable tool through which to realize His eternal plans of mercy. Truly, how ungrateful my soul would be to resist God‟s will any longer. Nothing will stop me any longer, be it persecution, sufferings, sneers, threats, entreaties, hunger, cold, flattery, friendships, adversities, friends or enemies; be it things I am experiencing now or 171 things that will come in the future or even the hatred of hell – nothing will deter me from doing the will of God.