Thursday, 26 November 2015

1823 Today, my soul is preparing for the coming of my Savior, who is goodness and love itself.

Temptations and distractions torment me and do not let me prepare for the coming of the Lord. Therefore I desire even more ardently to receive You, Lord, because I know that when You come, You will rescue me from these torments. And if it is Your will that I should suffer, well then, fortify me for the struggle. 398 Jesus, Savior, who have deigned (10) to come into my heart, drive away these distractions which are keeping me from talking to You. Jesus answered me, I want you to become like a knight experienced in battle, who can give orders to others amid the exploding shells. In the same way, My child, you should know how to master yourself amid the greatest difficulties, and let nothing drive you away from Me, not even your falls.