Wednesday, 11 November 2015

1757 (118) Today, you will read chapter fifteen of the Gospel of Saint John. I want you to read it very slowly.

 Second Meditation. 1758 My daughter, consider the life of God which is found in the Church for the salvation and the sanctification of your soul. Consider the use that you make of these treasures of grace, of these efforts of My love. 1759 Application: O most compassionate Jesus, I have not always known how to profit from these priceless gifts, because I have paid too little attention to the gift itself and too much to the vessel in which You were giving me Your gifts. My most sweet Master, it will be different from now on. I will put Your gifts to the best use of which my soul is capable. Living faith will support me. Whatever the form might be, under which You send me Your grace, I will accept it as coming directly from You, without considering the vessel in (119) which You send it. If it will 386 not always be within my power to accept it with joy, I will always accept it with submission to Your holy will.